Young Adult Counseling


Helping Parents and Their Adult Children
Forge New Relationships and Reach the Next Stage of Development

Growing up. Leaving home. Finding your way. One major goal of a family is to help the children spread their wings and leave the nest with all of the skills they need to be successful in life. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen in many families. Lots of unexpected things can disrupt this process, from medical issues or financial turmoil to parent disagreement or substance use problems. "Failure to launch" isn't actually a failure (or a diagnosis); it's a situation. However you got to this point, I want you to know that you don't have to stay stuck here. Family therapy can help everyone identify their goals, make a plan, and help the children (no matter how old) move on to the next phase of life with the new skills and confidence they'll need. I am skilled at helping parents adjust their approach to be more effective with their kids. As a college professor, I also have practical knowledge about navigating the higher educational system. This includes helping your young person with self-exploration, confidence building, and identifying their future goals. If depression, anxiety, substance use, or some other issue is standing in their way, we'll work it out together - with the family enlisted as supportive members of the change process.


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