Addiction & Trauma Recovery

Couples Counseling

Using the Relationship to Heal Together

Recovery is firmly rooted in our secure bonds with the people we love; I can help you work on it together while healing from the pain addiction has caused you all. If your partner is struggling with trauma or addictions and you are trying to determine how best to help him or her, you will not find judgment here - only help. Often, partners are blamed for problems or told to practice "tough love" and "let them hit rock bottom." Harsh methods are not supported by research, and can in fact make problems worse. My work with couples is based on relational (not moral) interventions. I will help you learn how to be more effective in reclaiming your relationship as well as your own individual health and wellness. Despite the myths, it's never too early in recovery to work on your relationships. I have advanced training in working with both addiction and relationships simultaneously, ensuring that recovery is supported without sacrificing your bonds with each other.

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