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Exploring the Role of Substances in Your Life, Individualized and Non-Judgmental

 Family Addiction Counselor in West Palm Beach

Over 20 million Americans meet the criteria for substance use disorder, with many more experiencing problems related to their use. Parents, husbands, wives, siblings, and friends are also touched by substance use problems, often feeling powerless and sacrificing their own self-care. Even for people who have entered recovery, new challenges surface - feelings, relationships, life - and new skills are needed to cope. It's important to find the path that works for you, free from shame and pressure. In therapy, I help my clients explore their use, identify ways to reduce harm, and deal with feelings across the span of their recovery.

I work from a harm reduction and multiple recovery pathways perspective. This means that you are free to explore your relationship with substances without judgment or some predetermined goal like abstinence or identifying with a particular label (i.e. "addict" or "alcoholic"). In my experience, there are many roads to recovery, and any positive change is progress. You will receive respect and information to aid in your health-related decisions.

If your loved-one is struggling with addiction and you are trying to determine how best to help him or her, you will not find judgment or accusations here. Often, families are blamed for problems or told to practice "tough love" and "let them hit rock bottom." Harsh methods are not supported by research, and can in fact make problems worse. My work with families is based on behavioral (not moral) interventions, such as Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) and Couples Addiction Recovery Empowerment (CARE). I will help you learn how to be more effective in changing your loved-one's behavior, as well as how to improve your own individual health and wellness in the process.


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