Millennial & Young Adult Couples

This Isn't Your Parents' Marriage

People in their 20s and 30s face new challenges in life and relationships that their parents' generation could not imagine. From the stress of "adulting" in challenging times, to Tinder and hookups, some of the issues that come up in therapy are unique to your place in life. A lot of couples therapists have more in common with your parents than with you. As someone who was married in my twenties and now with two small kids, I understand the struggles of young couples and the cultural features that have defined your lives. No need for extra explaining or fear of disapproval here. Let me use the science of attachment and my clinical expertise to help you deepen your bond to make your relationship better than you can imagine. 

The average couple waits *years* when they begin having problems  to finally seek help. Couples therapy can enhance already awesome relationships as well as prevent problems before they arise. You get to decide what you want from your relationship. I offer premarital counseling, couples therapy for people dating, and one-time consultations to help you with a plan. From one young(ish) person to another. 

See how counseling for individuals, couples, or the whole family may help you!


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