Men's Issues Therapy
Male Counselor in West Palm Beach

When the World is on Your Shoulders,
Learning New Tools to Make the Relationship Work.

It can be hard to open up. Boys who are taught to hold their feelings in become men who have difficulty identifying and expressing their emotions. Anger, stress, and loneliness are the natural consequences of this arrangement. The pressure to be strong and manage can be overwhelming. Men can feel like failures for asking for help or even admitting that there might be a problem in the first place. Softness and vulnerability seem like luxuries we don't have, and your partner's concerns can feel like rejections. This can impact your ability to be emotionally present, and it might end up feeling like nothing you do is right.

Men sometimes feel more comfortable opening up to another man. In couples therapy, men may worry about being blamed or "ganged up" on. My job is to create a space where men can connect with their feelings and express themselves in a way their partners can hear. I understand what it's like to have a family depend on you and the need to be a rock; I'm here to help you get better results and change your relationship strategy.

Some common issues that arise include:

- Anger

- Childhood Issues

- Depression

- Performance

- Fatherhood

- Work Exploration

- Relationships

- Intimacy

- Sex

- Trauma

- Midlife Changes 

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