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Bringing Harmony Back Home

Sometimes, families just get stuck. This can happen at any point in the family life-cycle, but it often occurs during transitional times such as:

  • starting a new relationship

  •  the birth of children and parenting small kids

  •  middle-age career and life changes

  • helping grown children leave the home

  • adjusting to life after retirement

Other issues like addiction, mental health or medical problems, and financial worries add extra challenges. These times put the family's skills to the test. Our families are supposed to be places of safety and security. We expect to be able to count on one another. When we get stuck in the same "dance" of criticizing, fighting, avoiding, and withdrawing, it hurts. 

Family Therapy Can Help


In families, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Some problems might seem like they belong to just one person in the unit, but our emotional attachments bind us together - whether we're in the same house or miles away. Family therapy provides an opportunity to come together and work things out. We build healthy communication and conflict resolutions skills, support one another in new roles, and co-design a plan for living that works for everyone. With a trained counselor, everyone can begin to voice their frustrations and hurts in a safe way. We shift from automatically reacting out of fear and self-protection, to responding with curiosity and care. Healing begins, and we can get unstuck, learn a new dance, and see each other in new ways. The family can finally move forward, better than it was before. 

The Family Counselor 


My practice is dedicated to helping people resolve these kinds of challenges. As a clinician, educator, author, and researcher, I've devoted my career to understanding how best to help couples and families stuck in these hurtful cycles. I have over a decade of experience helping Palm Beach County families get through crises and stuck points to a place where they can solve their own problems again. While I am an expert in helping couples and families affected by drug and alcohol problems (i.e. addiction), I work with a range of family and relationship issues. I help my clients understand how their past and current relationships shape how they cope with life, as well as identify interpersonal changes that will lead to individual health and wellness.  I work from an attachment perspective, using techniques and ideas from Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT).  As a husband and parent myself, I know that having a family is hard work. You will not be judged here. Consider me your guide, ally, and cheerleader in the process of getting your family back on track.

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