Looking out the Window

"Social Distancing"?

Working from home?

24/7 kids and spouse?

You didn't sign up for this.

COVID-19 & Mental Health

A crisis is an opportunity for change. We are experiencing an unprecedented time in our shared history. At the beginning of 2020, who would have ever thought we would be confined to our homes for weeks on end? Kids out of school, adults working remotely or suddenly laid off, financial and political uncertainty - it's a lot to handle. Crises can bring out the best in us, but they can also put a spotlight on the things we want to change.

  • Are you suddenly faced with your partner 24/7 and find that it's now impossible to ignore conflicts or barriers in your relationship?​

  • Are you stuck at home with kids, parents, in-laws, or others and need some support, feedback, or mediation to work through your differences?

  • Have harmful behaviors like substance use, overeating, or other addictions emerged, come back, or become worse?

I want you to know that you aren't alone. Whether you're struggling to adjust to these new changes or just find yourself with the time to finally work on your relationship, I am here for you - whether it's a one-time session or ongoing therapy.

Through secure and confidential videoconferencing (aka "telehealth" or "virtual counseling/therapy"), you can start counseling right now - from the comfort of your own home. I am a Florida licensed mental health counselor and certified addictions specialist. While my physical office is located in West Palm Beach, I serve individuals, couples, and families throughout the state with my virtual therapy practice. I invite you to explore my website and learn more about me and what I do. Please feel free to give me a call with any questions; there's no obligation or cost for an initial consultation.

I look forward to getting to know you, and know that - together - we will get through this challenge.


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