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Welcome to my therapy practice! I started Florida Family Counselor with a simple idea: Palm Beach County families need a safe, accessible, and confidential place to address their mental, emotional, and relationship health needs, where they could receive expert, individualized, compassionate care from a systemic (family) perspective. Whether I'm working with one person, a couple of parents, or the whole family, I act as a bridge, an interpreter, a negotiator, a teacher, and a coach.

I don't want anyone to feel like they are alone in their struggles. Too often, people looking for help get rushed into imperfect solutions and cookie-cutter explanations. You are truly unique, and your problems deserve unique solutions. These only materialize when you have someone who knows the right questions, really listens, and understands the road ahead. Like the family doctor, I'm here for everyone in the house - to help you all achieve wellness and live the life you want to live.

                                                                                                 - George




Strategic Guidance and Training for Collaborative Change 

In families, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Some problems might seem like they belong to just one person in the unit, but our emotional attachments bind us together - whether we're in the same house or miles away. Family therapy provides an opportunity to come together and work things out. We build healthy communication and conflict resolutions skills, support one another in new roles, and co-design a plan for living that works for everyone. I've worked with couples, parents, teens, grandparents, young adults, and siblings to achieve lasting change for everyone.


Exploring the Role of Substances in Your Life, Individualized and Non-Judgmental

Over 20 million Americans meet the criteria for substance use disorder, with many more experiencing problems related to their use. Parents, husbands, wives, siblings, and friends are also touched by substance use problems, often feeling powerless and sacrificing their own self-care. Even for people who have entered recovery, new challenges surface - feelings, relationships, life - and new skills are needed to cope. It's important to find the path that works for you, free from shame and pressure. In therapy, I help my clients explore their use, identify ways to reduce harm, and deal with feelings across the span of their recovery. I also help families learn how to respond to a loved one's substance use effectively while taking care of themselves. 


When the World is on Your Shoulders, Learning New Tools to Make it Work

It can be hard to open up. Boys who are taught to hold their feelings in become men who have difficulty identifying and expressing their emotions. Anger, stress, isolation, and depression are the natural consequences of this arrangement. The pressure to be strong and manage can be overwhelming. While our cultural expectations are changing, some men still have difficulty asking for help and feel ashamed for wanting it. Whatever you call it - therapy, counseling, coaching - getting help provides a private space just for you, with another man who understands that struggle. I work with men on a variety of issues, from stress management and performance to relationship issues and finding meaning in their lives.


Helping Parents and Their Adult Children Forge New Relationships and Reach the Next Stage of Development

One major goal of a family is to help the children spread their wings and leave the nest with all of the skills they need to be successful in life. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen in many families. Lots of unexpected things can disrupt this process, from medical issues or financial turmoil to parent disagreement or substance use problems. "Failure to launch" isn't actually a failure (or a diagnosis); it's a situation. However you got to this point, I want you to know that you don't have to stay stuck here. Family therapy can help everyone identify their goals, make a plan, and help the children (no matter how old) move on to the next phase of life with the new skills and confidence they'll need.


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