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Couples Therapy for Us

Stop the Conflict Cycle, Rediscover Your Partner, and Strengthen Your Bond.

Individual Therapy for Me

Understand Yourself Better, Heal from the Past, and Become the Person You Know You Can Be.

Family Therapy for Everyone

Work through Blocks, Bring Harmony Back Home, and Redefine Your Family



Addiction & Trauma

 Couples Counseling

Healing through the Couple Bond

Recovery is firmly rooted in our secure bonds with the people we love; I can help you work on it together while healing from the pain addiction has caused you all. If your partner is struggling with trauma or addictions and you are trying to determine how best to help him or her, you will not find judgment here - only help. Often, partners are blamed for problems or told to practice "tough love" and "let them hit rock bottom." Harsh methods are not supported by research, and can in fact make problems worse. My work with couples is based on relational (not moral) interventions. I will help you learn how to be more effective in reclaiming your relationship as well as your own individual health and wellness. Despite the myths, it's never too early in recovery to work on your relationships. I have advanced training in working with both addiction and relationships simultaneously, ensuring that recovery is supported without sacrificing your bonds with each other.

Millennial Couples

This Isn't Your Parents' Marriage

People in their 20s and 30s face new challenges in life and relationships that their parents' generation could not imagine. From the stress of "adulting" in challenging times, to Tinder and hookups, some of the issues that come up in therapy are unique to your place in life. A lot of couples therapists have more in common with your parents than with you. As someone who was married in my twenties and now with two small kids, I understand the struggles of young couples and the cultural features that have defined your lives. No need for extra explaining or fear of disapproval here. Let me use the science of attachment and my clinical expertise to help you deepen your bond to make your relationship better than you can imagine. 

The average couple waits *years* when they begin having problems  to finally seek help. Couples therapy can enhance already awesome relationships as well as prevent problems before they arise. You get to decide what you want from your relationship. I offer premarital counseling, couples therapy for people dating, and one-time consultations to help you with a plan. From one young(ish) person to another. 

Men's Relationship Therapy

Helping Guys Connect with Themselves to Supercharge their Relationships

It can be hard to open up. Boys who are taught to hold their feelings in become men who have difficulty identifying and expressing their emotions. Anger, stress, and loneliness are the natural consequences of this arrangement. The pressure to be strong and manage can be overwhelming. Men can feel like failures for asking for help or even admitting that there might be a problem in the first place. Softness and vulnerability seem like luxuries we don't have, and your partner's concerns can feel like rejections. This can impact your ability to be emotionally present, and it might end up feeling like nothing you do is right.

Men sometimes feel more comfortable opening up to another man. In couples therapy, men may worry about being blamed or "ganged up" on. My job is to create a space where men can connect with their feelings and express themselves in a way their partners can hear. I understand what it's like to have a family depend on you and the need to be a rock; I'm here to help you get better results and change your relationship strategy.


Dr. George Stoupas

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
and Mental Health Counselor
Master Certified Addiction Professional
EFT and EMDR Trained


The human experience of identity has two elements; a sense of belonging and a sense of being separate. The laboratory in which these ingredients are mixed and dispensed is the family, the matrix of identity.

Salvador Minuchin


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